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i just bought a new iphone 5 and was really hoping to get better battery life than my iphone 5.


first couple of days i was really psyched because i would put it on a full charge over night and then i would have a full 100% at the end of the day. pretty much it would last until right through the next day.


Today i put it on a full charge, didn't use it a lick and i have 21%. If i use the phone i run out of charge around 5 or 6.


Can anyone help me figure out A if i can get better life out of this thing and B if i should expect this to get worse and C whether some of these phones are better at holding a charge than others?


it is going to be a real drag to have to carry around an additional battery pack just to get through the day when i am not even using it.


i have Fetch New Data off.



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