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Sign me up with all the others that hates the new Itunes update!  We should have been warned that this was not the usual update.  Anyway, I've spent a lifetime loading songs from cds, albums (yes albums!) as well as purchasing songs from Itunes.  It seems I'm missing a lot of songs or at least can't view them.  They seem to be all the non-Itune purchased stuff.  Is my only choice to revert back to 10.7?

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    The new iTunes 11 is terrible. Just horrible. If you're looking at your albums on the new "Album" view, it will ONLY group all of your songs together if either the "Artist Name" is IDENTICAL for all the songs, or you've gone in and manually changed the "Album Artist" to be IDENTICAL for all the songs. So, if you have a compilation album (like a movie soundtrack) with different artists for every track, iTunes 11 will stupidly break up your album into MULTIPLE ALBUMS on "Album View", one album per artist. This is just ridiculous. It should respect the title of the album, regardless of what the "Artist" on each track is. And it shouldn't force us to type in the "Album Artist" for every song... it should just act the way that human beings on the planet expect it to act! In the meantime, your only solution is to type in a unified "Album Artist" for every song on the album. That will group your albums back together again.