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I have an iMac, so this would not be my only device. I am just looking for something to carry with me to class, take notes, write papers when away from home. Ideally I would need to be able to transfer the work from iPad to iMac and vise vers. Would an iPad work out for this?

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    Yes, but you should look into a case with a Bluetooth keyboard.

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    icloud will allow you to sync your content created via the iwork applications as well as on notes between ipad and mac.


    There are other apps for notetaking that will also sync via wifi, evernote for example.


    I purchased the logitech bluetooth keyboard case and has worked very nicely.

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    It works, but it's not the greatest tool for taking notes or writing papers.  I have both an iPad and a MacBook Pro.  I usually just take the iPad to meetings.  It's OK for simple notes, doing email, surfing the web, etc, but if I know I'm going to be doing a lot of typing, I bring the MacBook instead.   I wouldn't write a paper using the iPad.  The virtual keyboard is "better than you would expect", but there are limits.  I know that some people are committed to doing *absolutely everything* on their iPad, but then I knew people who also did that with Palm Pilots


    Transferring files is very easy.  Personally, I use DropBox, which automatically synchronizes everything between my iPad, iPhone, and currently 4 computers.  It's become kind of a lingua franca in iOS, in that many third party apps talk to it.


    If your application involves a lot of writing, you might consider an entry level MacBook Air instead (if you're committted to Apple, that is; there are also PC options of course).

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    Its worked out great for me taking notes, but I guess that would depend on how well you can adapt to using a smaller keyboard. Its a lot easier to carry around an ipad than a macbook.

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    I use my iPad mainly for work related things - note taking, as well as notes and markups on PDF docs I read (journal articles and such) are the main uses.


    GoodReader and GoodNotes are great for reading and taking notes on PDF documents - both will sync files over a variety of web storage services (I use Box.net mainly) as well as over wifi with your comuter when both are on the same subnet.


    For general note taking, I like the apps that combine keyboard and free hand input - apps like (to name a few) Noteshelf, TopNotes, Notes Plus, Notability, Note Taker HD, Notebook+.  These will let me switch easily from typing to free hand writing/printing/drawing and combining it all into integrated pages, with separate notebooks on shelves (think iBook library layout).  There are numerous such apps but the iPad is great for that sort of thing - can readily replace any paper&pen note taking you are used to.  I also have QuickOfficePro for working with MS Office files and it is not too bad at all as long as you don't throw too large or complex an office doc at it.  Some people find many of the Daily Journal style apps also very useful as general notebook apps (although I have not explored many of those myself).  I do now carry a stylus with me for my notes apps - never got the hang of writing/drawing with my fingers, but there are a gazillion capacitive stylus models available, from the very inexpensive to the ridiculously over-priced.


    The iPad makes a great companion to your main computer, so will complement your iMac really well.  The iMac can be there for the real heavy lifting, and the iPad can meet your mobile needs very well - but you will want to spend some time exploring alternative apps and trying the free/lite versions to find those that suit you best.