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i have a rule set up to catch messages with a certain subject line.  i have three actions once the message is caught.  1. the message is moved to a folder. 2. the message is collored yellow. and 3. the message is forwarded.  the first two actions work like a charm, but the message is never forwarded.  any idea what's going on?


i tried to change the order of the actions in the rule, so that the forwarding would happen first (i read somewhere that a rule stops firing once a message is moved), but mail won't let me re-order the actions (they're always put in the order above — which btw, since the first 2 actions work fine, dispells the notion that rules stop firing after a message is moved).


also, i've tried to break the rule into two rules, one following the other.  in the first rule, the message is forwarded.  in the second rule, the message is moved and colored.  the second rule works, but the fisrt rule (which just forwards the message) does not work.







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    Hmmm.  Forwarding is working for me... so it doesn't appear to be a complete breakdown in the operation of "rules".  By the way - your signature line says that you are using Max OS X 10.5.2, is this a typo?


    To test the rules more thoroughly, can you tell me what the trigger for forwarding is in your rule?  i.e. is it based on the sender, the subject, the recipient name?

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    the rule is based on receipient and it is firing (the appropriate incoming messages are colored yellow and moved to another folder).


    i've duplicated the rule so that the only action is forwarding, but that still doesn't work.


    i have multiple email accounts in mail. could this have something to do with whatever happens to be the currently selected account, or the default account, or something like that?