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The typical file I want to read is about 1000+ highly formatted pages and 400 MB.    Simple requirments I have are:



1) Can I actaully see a page of text and read it.  I tried this on a Kindle and was forced to zoom in and then horizontally scroll a window around for EVERY line of text I read


2) Say I'm reading in chapter 14 and I ned to review something from chapter 5.  Can I jump back to 5 and then return to 14 in some "reasonable" way?  Notice that scolling back and forth 850 pages using the finger swipe is not "reasonable".  



I think those two requirements are basic and the minimum anyone would need.  


Just today I walked in to an Apple store (Manhatten Beach, CA) with an example text book file on a flash drive and asked if I could read it on an iPad and they said (I'm NOT making this up!) that I would have to buy an iPad, take it home and see for myself.   No kidding, the ONLY thing I could look at in-store were the demo e-books that Apple has tested and found to work. I thought that was pointless because of course the demos work.  What I wanted to know was if the iPad can even display my MUCH larger and more complex real-world files.  They said "buy it first.", no kidding they did point out the two week retunr policy.  I was about to say "OK sell me 5 of everything in this store I'm going to set up a lab in the office for a week and invite a few dozen students to test it all then I'll return everything"   But while I might do that, what is the point of having a retail store.


So I ask here: Is anyone reading a university level science or math text book (introductary bio-chem and the like) on an Apple iDevice?


I am both a teacher and a student of this matrial so I have an interrest in both using and recommending readers.