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I have a shared calendar with my husband through iCloud, set as my default calendar. But if I make an entry from my iPhone 5 the event will not share with the other devices. If my husband makes an entry from his iPhone 4s, or if I make an entry from my iPad Mini or from my iCloud account on my PC, the events get shared with all devices, incuding my iPhone. Ony events made from my phone won't share. This used to work, I'm not sure when the problem started. My thought is the problem lies with the iPhone 5 or ios6. Is anyone else having this issue? Very frustrating!

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.2
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    I'm not sure if it is helpful or not, but I recently had a similar situation happening on my computer.  I was receiving events that I made on my iphone, ipad, and work computer onto my home computer, but when I was creating events on my computer, they weren't showing up on any of the other devices.


    I'm embarassed to say that in my case it was because I didn't actually have my iCloud account set up correctly.  The exact same calendars were created on my mac - so they looked identical, but they weren't actually my iCloud calendars... they were duplicates. 


    You can open your calendar app, click the top left "Calendars" button.  You'll get your list of calendars.  Be sure that above the list of Calendars in the gray space it says "iCloud."  If it doesn't, you may have had the same issue I had, but on your phone. 


    Regardless if your problem is the same as mine, since all of your info is on iCloud - the best thing to do is turn off your iCloud calendar on your phone and then turn it back on.  It will take a little time for all the events to repopulate.


    1 - Open your Settings App

    2 - Click on iCloud and be sure the "Calendars" is on.  (a good test here is to turn it off and be sure your events disapear on the calendar on your phone.  Then come back and turn it back on)

    3 - back under Settings again, click on "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"

    4 - You should have an "iCloud" account in there  (if you don't - Add account)

    5 - Scoll down this screen to the "Calendars" section

    6 - Verify that the "Default Calendar" is one of your iCloud calendars.  (You may have iCloud turned on correctly, but you may be putting your new events on the wrong calendar)


    Hopefully that helps.  Good Luck.

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    Thanks for taking the time to give your detailed reply, but I've checked and triple checked my calendars to make sure the iCloud shared one is my default. I am the one to give that same advice to others. I've also tried deleting the iCloud account and then turning it back on, twice. I know my default calendar is the iCloud one because events that I created on my phone weren't synced, and when I turned off iCloud I lost them!! Do you have an iPhone 5? I'm pretty sure this started when I upgraded from the 4 to the 5. I'd love to hear from someone with an iPhone 5, who shares a calendar. Thanks again!

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    Same issue on Ipad 3 and Iphone 5, both on 6.01.

    I have restore it from scratch but couldn't solve it so far. It happens with ICloud or without, the crash is always there when you want to make an entry. I believe it is affecting also battery life which is quite short on both devices.

    Apple will have to work on this topic because we will not solve it by our own I guess.

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    Sorry I wasn't any help.  I have an iPhone 4s (like your husband), and like you... my wife has the iPhone 5.  We use the same Apple ID for iTunes (home sharing between our computers), but we use two seperate iCloud accounts on our phones.  She has her account and I have mine... and then we subscribe to each other's calendars as FYIs.  When I want her to be at an event, I simply invite her to the event.  That set up is working well with her iPhone 5... but we've never tried to share the same iCloud calendar.


    Again, sorry I was no help - good luck!

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    Thanks anyway - hopefully this is an Apple issue that will resolve itself.