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Wanted to know your opinion about two issues I've got with my 1 month old iPhone 5:



The iPhone which was in a hard-case from day one - magically developed a bent on the left frame side.

Yep, a well keeped device that never suffered any damage (never fell, no one sit on it).


Since this bent is only on the left side (the right side is perfectly straight) - It might be a swollen battery.

But hey, its a great thing that the battery is non-replaceable so I have no idea to tell right?


Apperantly, my warranty voided, it doesn't matter if its the battery's fault or mine.



I live in Israel, so iPhone are being officially sold through the local carriers.

But guess what, they're only selling phones and providing warranty replacements.

If your phone is borken - they won't fix it.


Apperantly Apple has no repairing service for iPhones in Israel (they're only selling the devices).


Apple representative basically told me that I have nothing to do with the phone - so my only alternative is 3rd party labs.


Yep, that's Apple official policy. They're only selling iPhones through resellers, They're not providing repair services.


Your iPhone got broken? Well, buy a new one because no one will fix it.



Maybe someone here have an advice what to do?