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so i just bought my first iphone. yay. likin it better than andriods so far, but the problem is itunes will NOT recognize my phone. its an iphone4. its literally like 2 weeks old. ive been going through the tutorials on checking interactions of itunes with all the other stuff and uninstalling and reinstalling itunes and blahblahblah. nothing works. nothing. ive literally uninstalled and reinstalled itunes 5 times. nothing works. ive had an ipod before, so i know how itunes works. and this is not working. my computer recognizes it as a camera, which was progress cause i got the driver to install. great. then followed a tutorial, uninstalled ALL APPLE products related to itunes because thats what apple said to do, and now the phone isnt even recognized on my computer anymore. and im like okay, well thats just great.. ughhh i need help!!!!!

iPhone 4, iOS 6.0.1, my phone checked, it said my softwa