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So in a nutshell, my entire school has iPads. Both staff and students. Each room in our school has wifi, but because of bandwidth limitations, it takes a very long time for students to download electronic materials. I work with the student support center for these iPads, and we are required to propose an idea on how to better the use of iPads. I decided I wanted to make an app to easier monitor what students are doing with their iPads in class, but also to set up simple PANs via bluetooth so students working in groups of three or four can easily send and receive documents, but also larger PANs via wifi so a teacher only needs to send the file two one or two students and it can trickle down from there. I'm not new to programming, but I am new to programming in Xcode, and bluetooth. I've read up a decent amount of material on bluetooth, but most tutorials focus on sending data between only two iPods. I have no idea of where to start other than research, and some very helpful insight on where to get started programming wise would be very helpful.

Thank you for reading in advanced!

And if it helps, we all have iPad 2s with iOS 6.

iPad 2, iOS 6
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    Sorry not trying to be a smart ... here, but if the school has that kind of money couldn't they just set up a server in the class room and create a network in the class room?

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    If you think about it sure, but we done exactly have "that kind of money" our school for a grant that has to be specifically used toward some technology. And while that could work, it would more than likely go down due to how often it gets used, in fact in class yesterday we crashed the server trying to download a file all at the same time. I'm thinking more of dividing the group so the teacher would only need to send a document to five or six people, then those five or six people can get in groups and send it to other students through a PAN they can set up via bluetooth.


    Thank you for your response, I appreciate it.

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    I am a noob to XCode I just put up a post about 2 nights ago about wanting to start XCode.  let me try somthing....

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    https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4718035    ok I just kind of reposted your question.  I will be watching this.