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I need to change my icloud email address as the one I originally used is no longer a valid address. therefore, it won't take my password.  how can I get this changed so I can access icloud?

MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    You need to change your actual @icloud.com email address, or you need to change the email address associated with the AppleID your iCloud account is created under?


    If the latter, log in at http://appleid.apple.com/

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    I do have a new apple ID which I can access but for some reason when I log in to the computer every time it pops up a box to type in a password for this OLD apple ID. I no longer have this account/email and I don't know the password, it won't accept any of my old ones. I think it is associated to an old facebook account and my contact list. It appears that if I try to totally delete old ID, it will delete all my contacts, photos, calendars, etc.  This is driving me nuts as it is really messing up my icloud.  I think since I've deleted the facebook account that is why it won't accept any passwords (I've tried all old ones for this account).  When I go thru icloud to change the password, I can't send an email because that email account no longer exists. The other option to put in your birthdate which it also won't accept.  Any ideas????