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Soooooo, after driving myself crazy with Vodafone italy and their 4G network, i finally have answers that i'd like to share.

1) you must "activate" 4G service, either online (through "190y" on their site) or directly from them (the store, or what i did, they have a live chat feature on their site).

2) you have to wait to receive a text msg saying it has been activated.

3) wait until iOS 6.1 is released (end of the month).


I have a factory unlocked iPhone 5 that i bought in italy and have traveled to the states with recently. as soon as i landed i had 4G service, without any modifications or updates or doing anything. i told voda all of this, and after 3 days, i got some answers. after doing some research, basically the new update with allow the 5 to use vodafones frequency.


bam. there you have it. no 4G until the update. oh, and you have to pay 10 euro a month extra for it.


thanks vodafone :-/