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I have problems syncing purchased tv shows to my ipod nano (7th generation). An error message says that the video format is not supported. I read that I can download a lower resolution version from the icloud, but that presents problems as well.


For one, the "Show itunes in the cloud purchases" button keeps disappearing on me. When it is ticked, I can download from the icloud, but I'm not sure how to choose which resolution to download. I select SD as video quality, but the download is still HD (as far as I can tell).

Mid-download my icloud purchases suddenly disappears and when I want to recheck the "Show itunes in the cloud purchases" it is no longer available. The only way I have found to make it available again, is to log out and log back in to the apple store. This is extremely frustrating as I haven't been able to finish a download to see if it actually works on the ipod. I have resumed downloads, but it doesn't show up in iTunes once done, so I assume that doesn't work.


I'd be happy if anyone can help me with these problems. Thank you!

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    I see alot of these..... most videos purchased on iTunes are in MOV format..... for iPods I recommend converting the purchased videos to MP4 format (better picture quality and sound plus takes less memory).... I think HandBreak can be use as a converter but it mainly use for RIPPING movies from DVDs

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    Thanks, michael08081


    I actually tried using Handbrake before and it just says "No valid source found", so that isn't happening. I downloaded another converter, but afterwards found out that it is only a trial version and I could only convert 5min. I'm not prepared to pay more for a show I've already paid for.

    The show is in m4v format and is HD. I was under the impression that a lower resolution (like SD) would work and that I can download that from the icloud, but I don't know how.


    What about the icloud that just disappears? Is that a bug? Can it be fixed?