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I want to have icons of facebook, twitter etc in my signature and have them to be clickable.


I've tried everything I could think of.


Any help?



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    Hi Sanjampet


    I stil don't undertand from that link.


    but thanks

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    I found this archived thread that maybe helpful - https://discussions.apple.com/thread/2513900?start=0&tstart=0


    Do a Google search.  I found over 3 million hits for what you want to do.












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    I actually figured it out by searching the tubes! But again thanks for helping!

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    Hi ironknee,


    This is off topic but in one of your discussion which was archieved now...your exhaust fan was not working and Mac was getting hot.  I am having similar problem now. What was your solution? Can you please reply. Thanks

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    Your problem is not the same as that of the original poster of this thread, and it can be very confusing for everybody if we try to answer more than one question in each thread.


    In order for us to give your problem our undivided attention to try to solve it, would you kindly start your own thread, describing the trouble you are having in the fullest detail, including completing your details to show what Mac you are using, what operating system, and what version of the application in question.

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    That is why I said off topic, Ironknee had similar issue but the discussion was archieved now. I don't know how to private message here. So I asked him here. Anyways sorry about that.



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    Try this.

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    I just figured out how to do this 2 min ago.  After spending A LOT of time trying different things, this is what FINALLY worked.


    In the signature box, enter your signature like you want it to appear.


    To add images (such as a Logo/Facebook/Twitter icon) either drag & drop image into your signature; or copy and paste them into the signature area.


    To add the hyperlink (website address where you want the person to go to when they click on the IMAGE),

    highlight the image by clicking on it once, then go to the EDIT pull down menu, and click ADD LINK.

    Then it will ask you to insert the web address.


    Do this over again for each image that you want to LINK to.


    Hope this makes it easier for you!