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Hi everyone ! I'm really sorry to bother everyone, but I am really stressing out at the moment. I have an apple iPad 2 that is used at school for textbooks, word processing etc, and one day, I found my iPad to be stepped on and cracked. The most annoying part about this was that I have cracked my iPad before, and taken the offer of getting a refurbished model for $279. This refurbished model has many issues such as, shutting down randomly, not being able to receive pictures, and other little problems. The weekend before I cracked my iPad, I was going to get a new iPad, as it was faulty, and my mum said we should leave it till next week, as the process of getting a new iPad can be tricky. Unfortunately, my iPad got stepped on, which was not my fault, as I w told by a teacher at school to put my iPad on the floor, and by the time I got back to it, it was cracked. I am really hoping to get a free replacement, because I dont want to have to pay even more money, as we have already spent a lot of money on getting it replaced the first time. Also the fact that the iPad is faulty, and I can not go on using it because of that. Any advice please would definitely help ? (:

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