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Hello Everyone,


I want to install Windows 7 using Boot camp assistant. So I used the Boot Camp CD to install it.

So I started installing it and it says I have to upgrade it. I rebooted  the mac as it said there.

I also ejected CD but the problem is that when I turned the mac on there is nothing appearing accept a

cusor on the upper-left corner.


Tried: Turned off and then on

         Let all the battery power to be used and then recharge

         Turend on and let it for the whole night


Please answer quickly as possible cause this mac has my whole school homework and also I was doing important assignment.

MacBook Pro
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    Welcome to the Apple Support Communities


    When Boot Camp asks you to restart the Mac in order to start the Windows installation, you see a blank screen with the cursor. Am I right? If this is the case, press C key while your Mac is starting to force your computer to start into the Windows disc and install Windows

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    Boot up the machine whilst holding down the option key and see if you can select your boot drive as the startup drive. If this works, you may have to go to System Preferences>Startup Disk and reselect your internal drive as the startup drive.


    Good luck - call back if this doesn't work...