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I downloaded the latest version of Skype. 


Following installation, my internal microphone on the MacBook Air with Lion 10.7.5 doesn't work. 




1. De-installed and re-installed Skype.  Doesn't work.


2. De-installed NEW version Skype, re-installed OLD version of Skype.  Doesn't work.


3. Checked System settings - set to internal mic. Doesn't work.  (Note: mic works FINE in all apps with plug-in ear buds/mic.)


4. Sent problem to Skype.  They say it's not their problem.


5. Did complete virus/malware check with MacKeeper, AVG, SpyBot, McAffee.  No viruses reported. Doesn't work.


6. Went 'back in time' with Time Capsule.  Doesn't work.


7. Tried Skype test - works with ear-bud mic, does NOT work with built-in mic.


Since the internal (built-in) mic worked perfectly BEFORE the new Skype installation, and since the computer can still send audio when using the external earbuds...is it possible the the new Skype download actually destroyed my internal mic?  Seems unlikely.


Ideas?  I'm NOT a computer genius...so, PLEASE, if you want to offer advice, keep it simple, okay?