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Hi guys,


I have a problem since a while now with the weather app.


I am using the weather app to check weather in cities I am visiting. The problem is that even if I delete a city from my weather app, after some time all the cities I previously checked in the past are coming back !!!


I wanted to have only Paris for example but after some days (random) all the cities were back and now I have 12 cities open in the app.... then if I check a new one 13 will come after some time even if I delete all of them.


Is my explanation clear ? Is it a common pb ? I did not find anything about it in faq or blogs.


Turn off and on performed already, soft reset and hard reset too with complete reinstallation of the firmware.


Thanks for your help


Best regards



iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.1, No jailbreak, no desimlock