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Does anyone know if Apple has discontinued support for older ipods (in my case, a 2nd gen classic, 20gb, released in 2002).  ITunes will no longer recognize this ipod since iTunes ver10.6.  I thought maybe iTunes 11 would fix it, but it has not.  This is on a mac mini, 2009 edition.  I then tried it on a PC laptop which still has iTunes 10.5, and the ipod was recognized. 


I don't use the old ipod much, but I would still like to change the music on it from time to time.


Any insight would be appreciated.

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    Huh. I just downloaded iTunes 11 a couple days ago, and my iPod (a 2nd generation iPod nano, 4 GB) still works. I think it should work.

    ipod sync?.jpg

    What I did, is I had my iPod connected back when I converted from like, iTunes 10.5 to iTunes 10.6, I think maybe the iTunes can then be recognized? I know when I had iTunes 9.(something...), and I tried connecting to a computer with 10.9 (I think. well, one of those), it wouldn't work. So maybe, you have to go step by step? Although my iPod wasn't connected when I was upgrading to iTunes 11, so that's just a theory.


    Try going on the PC laptop and then keeping your iPod connected when upgrading to iTunes 10.6, see if that works

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    It is fairly clear now that Apple does not want to support iPod classic anymore, ditch it.