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How do I delete all my email on my ipad.  They have all come from my mac.

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    The easiest way would be to just remove the account. You can always re add it, but it will download all messages on the server.

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    This worked for me:


    To “delete all” on ipad


    From each Inbox...

    Tap “Edit”

    Tap “Mark All” then tap “Mark as Read”

    Tap Edit

    Select first email (adds dot and check mark)

    Put your finger on “Move” without releasing

    With other hand, put finger on first email and Slowly Drag down on email list then release

    (your other finger is still on “Move”)

    Deselect first email (it may take a couple of taps)

    Release “Move”

    Wait a while if you have a large number of emails

    Tap the Trash icon

    All your emails should be deleted