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Starting two days ago my Apple TV started skipping audio while playing. I have had the device for about two years and have never experienced this.  I have a time capsule that I've been using since '07. This problem occurs in all apps.  Netflix, iTunes Match, streaming from ipad and iPhone, pandora from iPad and iPhone.  I have reset all devices (MacBook, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, time capsule, modem). This did nothing.  I've also run speed tests on different devices, I'm well over 16 Mbps on all of them.  I've tried running Ethernet directly from router to Apple TV. All software is up to date on all devices.nothing has changed in weeks and I have no idea why this problem began out of thin air. Please advise!


Apple TV model fc572ll/a

Time capsule is 500gb from 2007

iPad 3 16gb LTE verizon

iPhone 4S AT&T

MacBook c2d 2.0ghz

Apple TV (2nd generation)