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We have several Apple devices in the household (iPhones/iPad's/Macbook/Mac Mini) all sharing the same AppleID.  I need to know how to remove a "verified" phone number from my AppleID/account b/c I switched to an Android device (Galaxy Note II) and am not getting all my texts from friends when they send multi-person MMS message.  I gone through on all devices and unchecked my phone number in iMessage so that they shouldn't receive texts (in general) but if one of my friends sends a multi-person MMS to myself and others from an iPhone, I'm not getting it on my Android device.  One to one texts work fine but I think it's the multi-recipient MMS that has other iPhones confused. 


I've read a few different threads online and two possible solutions are to get a new SIM (I used the same SIM card when switching from iPhone 4S to the Note II) and/or set a lock PIN on the SIM.  I don't want to do either and would like a way to remove the legacy phone number from Apple's servers b/c it's no longer associated with any Apple devices. 


There's lots of confusion on how iMessage works and comments that it's a fail but you can get it to work in most scenario's if setup carefully regarding the send/receive options on each device.  This multi-person MMS issue seems to be unique and thus I've resorted to posting on the boards to see if someone or Apple knows how to do this...even if it's only something that Apple can do in the background.  I've found the AppleID management page where you can remove "registered" devices from your account but I can't find an equivalent page for phone numbers in the iMessage universe.  On all my devices, I do see my old phone number as a selectable option within iMessage, so it's clear that Apple still thinks that it is a valid destination even though it isn't.  I shouldn't have to get a new SIM...this should be a manageable option under Apple account pages.


Thanks in advance for the assistance.

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.1