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I can't install the printer drivers for my two printers: a Canon MX860 and a Samsung ML2950 (OS 10.8.2 on a 2010 MacBook Pro).  In both cases I have downloaded the drivers and they have been installed to /Library/Printers/...  When I try to add the Canon printer, for example, the installer says "The selected printer software is available from Apple. Click Add to downoad it and add this printer."  I click "Add" and after several seconds get the message "Can't install the software for the Canon MX860 series because it is not currently available from the Software Update server."  When I select "Use: Select Printer Software..." the subsequent list is completely empty.  When I select "Use: Other.." I navigate to where the driver is - in this case "/Library/Printers/Canon/BJPrinter/PDEs/CanonIJPDE.bundle," select it, click "Open" and immediately I'm back to "The selected printer software is available..."  In other words, it ignores my selection.  EXACTLY the same thing happens with the Samsung.  This is very frustrating, to say the least.  *** is going on here?  The thing is, both printers were successfully installed before.  I removed them and am simply trying to reinstall them (don't ask why).  I've had numerous Macs over 12 years and I'm starting to hate them.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), 15", 2.66 GHz IC7, 8GB RAM
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    Just after posting this I found Unable to add Canon MX870 The advice in the response worked for me as well, except that for me it was "option-click" the "-" button, and not "control-click."

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    A couple of things to try. In the Print&Scan preference panel click in the window that lists the printers. Right-click (control-click) and select "Reset printing system." Then try to add the printers again.


    You should not have downloaded and installed the printer drivers manually. That can screw things up. The location for drivers may have changed in Mountain Lion for all we know. All printer drivers should be installed only through the Print&Scan preference panel. All drivers are now supplied to Apple by the printer manufacturers and are customized for the OS they are being installed on. Just let the Print&Scan panel do its thing.