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hi guys


this is something that has been going on for quite some time now & regardless what i do, i can't seem to get rid of this pesky & annoying behavior :


because of poor eyesight, i choose to write down the names of my contacts in the first name case on my iPhone all in upper case.

this way they display in bold upper case & are easy to read without my reading glasses as for example JAMES SMITH instead of JAMES SMITH  :

  i WILL be able to read the SMITH but not the JAMES without glasses on while walking down the street which ISN'T all that practical or better yet, as in any half decent slapstick comedy movie, the phone almost always rings when i've just started my motorcycle & got my helmet on of course...so i must stop it, take helmet & dark glasses off, precariously balance them on fuel tank, take gloves off, reach for phone AND glasses, put them on &...by that time people usually will have hung up already leaving me to ring them


the funny thing though is that my iPhone ( or could it be my iMac ?.. ) every so often decides to ''edit'' the way i choose to write my contact's names & even funnier, it ALWAYS does that to the SAME half a dozen names/contacts - downright frustrating & baffling if you ask me....


when it does this it can ''choose'' to either display CHARLES FERRAO as CHARLES FERRAO Charles Ferrao or in another instance my cousin CARLOS MARIA becomes CARLOS MARIA Maria & this pattern is ALWAYS repeated even though i enter both names in the very same way !?


what could possibly make it ''take these decisions'' ?? & better yet : how do i stop it from doing so ?


i've tried so far :

1 - editing the full list of contacts in the Contacts app & immediately after sync the iPhone - it all displays properly until the phone ''decides'' to do it again....

2 - editing the full contacts list in the phone itself & then sync it - results are the same as above

3 - do nº 2 & then press the phone's on/off switch + the home button to reset it - results are the same although it seems to take a bit longer for it to misbehave again


  ok, the challenge is on : let's see who manages to figure out this ''riddle'' ! ;-)



iMac (27-inch Late 2009), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), 2 Guardian Maximus 3TB+3TB Raid1
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    since you said it was a riddle...the answer is prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses.

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    did you actually read my post ? if you did, it seems you suffer from some sort of memory ''condition'' :


    i DO have prescription/reading glasses & guess what ? i don't always wear sunglasses & certainly NOT to read so ....wouldn't your suggestion be kind of - how shall i put it ? useless ?

    anyway, thanks for your input mate - being SO helpful in solving the phone's behavior, it's highly appreciated ! ;-)

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    try progressive lenses. i have prescription progressive lenses in my glasses and sunglasses, no matter where i am or what i'm doing i can read anything. so if you had progressive lenses in your sunglasses while you were riding your motorcycle with your helmet and progressive lens sunglasses on you can answer your phone right away. see, i've given you more help than the 37 other viewers of your question...

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    gee...unless you're a world reknown eye specialist, i think for the time being i'll stick to my doctor's advice if that's OK with you , thanks


    now regarding the phone behavior anything worth our time to add ?..........................


    thank you so much !