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Hi. I am using a Vodafone wireless modem at home. I have WPA2 Personal security set up. The wireless connectivity to my various apple devices is unreliable, - it keeps dropping. While this might be a modem issue, and the help desk is not able to actually "help" with that, my devices can no longer recognise or automatically connect to the preferred network.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    I'm assuming you mean a wireless router.

    I'm not familiar with Vodafone. I had chronic problems with a number of crappy routers, mostly linksys, until I gave in and bought an airport extreme. I now have that and I extend the wireless to another part of my house with an airport express.

    There are a number of things you can try, including:

    1. reset everything: power down the modem, the router, and all your devices, computers, phones, ipads, whatever. Wait a few minutes and restart the modem, let it start up completely, and restart the router. Let each component in the chain restart completely before continuing. My cable signal would occasionally be dropped from the ISP and this would evidently screw things up when it came back on. Each item in the chain of command has to be in sync.

    2. You may have interference from some other wifi signal. You can experiment with different channels.

    3. The router may be in a location that is not optimal, perhaps close to some large metal object. I have mine rather high on a shelf, seems to work well there.

    4. Maybe the router is just defective, or a crappy cheap router. If you want more crappy cheap routers I have a box full of them.

    5. Maybe the Vodafone people can help you, or maybe there is a user forum for that.

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    Hi, thanks for your reply, Arthur.


    I ahve done 1 repeatedly, it helps for a while then the machines lose the connection again


    2 is possible, there is another wifi signla from a neighbour fairly close. I ahve used channles 1 and 6 out of a possible 11, I will experiment, thanks


    3 it is upstairs in a 2 level house, on the upper landing. Midway in the house, I was thinking that would be maximum distribution.


    4 Possible - vodafone NZ are using a chinese made product, I think.


    5 Vodafone cannot help, they are clueless in a most noteworthy fashion :-/


    I will try different channels, and if that does not work, I think another router is in order. Just to confirm, are you of the opinion that not recongnising preferred networks is a router issue and not an IOS issue?





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    Channel 11 is the 'preferred' chanel for a 2.4GHz router - try it. If your router supports 5GHz, try channel 149.


    Good luck,



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    I don't think it's an iOS issue. In my family there are 4 iphones and an iPad, all of which regularly get used at my house and my daughter's house (both of which have airport extremes), and all seem to find the preferred network without any problem. There are several other locations I go to which have free wifi and my iOS devices find the preferred networks there as well. Those locations definitely don't have airport extremes. My airport extreme has been very good but they are pricey. I see there are refurbished ones available online but they are not the current generation.

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    On your Macs, go into System Preferences/Network and delete "-" the wifi service and recreate it "+". Then restart your computers. This is necessary especially if you recently upgraded the MacOS on your machines b/c somtimes wifi settings are corrupted during upgrades.


    I use Time Capsule and an Airport Express and my wifi service is solid.


    BTW, Wifi doesn't work well in a house or flat with concrete/cinder block walls typical in most European homes. Do you drop the wifi signal if you  machine sits next to the router in the same room?