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i am about to set down and follow rudy gay's tutorial on exporting images with a logo overlay (thanks for all the help in finding this document) and i am wondering if there are an expert or two on the list that might be able to share screenshots of their export presets.


i have gotten to the point where i have applied metadata to imagery and i had a request recently to send in images that are larger than 1 MB but i have been really confused as to what i am doing here. for instance, i have three projects that were created by importing folders of images from this person which have imagery:


"print" project = 24.75 MB 2400 x 3600 px

"ppt" project = 505 KB and1024 x 683 px

"web" project = 324 KB 1024 x 683 px


i /think/ all of these are 72 dpi but i am not sure how to check this.


plus, i just ran an export as JPG at 100% size from the PRINT project and they all landed on my desktop at something over 1 - 4 MB in size.


basically, i am hoping that someone wouldn't mind sharing their settings and perhaps a little bit of an explanation so i can start to teach myself how to make this work better over here.


i realize that some of these things may be considered particular to an individual or even proprietary in some way but anything i can get on this will put me much farther ahead than i am now.




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