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A coffee break at work resulted in a lively discussion about kids and the use of computers. Basically, how easy it is for them to access inappropriate materials over the Internet. Our kids are teenagers and probably know more about computers than we will ever know.


My question is: is there a way to check on what internet sites my son has been visiting? If so, how? I know there is some sort of parental block that can be used, but before I try to do that, I'd like to know if I have any reasons to be concerned.



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    You can check the visited sites from the browser if they have not setted private surfing.

    The best way is to setup their Mac with 2 User account: one administrator (you) with a password only known by you and the kid's account with user priviledge and a Parental control. To change this they will need to know your password.

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    But I'm told my son surely knows how to "clear" the history. Even if he did that, there would still be a record or log somewhere on the computer of sites visited. But I have no idea of where or how to get to it.


    I also have a Time Capsule that serves as a backup and wireless machine. Would intenet sites also be on there?


    Your help is appreciated.

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    Paerental Controls works really well. Just make sure your password remains secure.


    This will help you understand how it works:



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    If the user start surfing with Safari setted as Private Surfing no history will be generated or saved.

    Probably no logs are to be found or even if there is a log somewere it is not to be found unless you have extreme knowledge of computers (FBI Level).

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    Don't think an "FBI" level is required here. (No one's been killed to my knowledge.)


    Explored the "History" menu and didn't see anything unsual. Also, found a "Downloads" folder in the Hard Drive window. Seems like normal computer stuff to me.


    Is the same true of Time Capsule? Or does that just back up things like documents, photos, music, etc? And not Internet sites?