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     In a previous discussion I asked about my crashed iBook and got good info: not good news, though, for the iBook since I had to replace it with a used 12' OSX 10.4.11 Powerbook--a very nice little machine that runs just like the iBook but faster.  A few years ago, I got a Seagate external drive and have regularly backed up the whole hard drive, though not in the past 6 months, so I do have useable files to do a backup.  (Since the iBook is now history, I don't know what I used to do the backup--maybe the Disk Utility, maybe CCC.)

      I've opened the Seagate drive on the Powerbook, looked in all the folders and found my photos, iTunes, documents, desktop folders: looks like everything is there.  Now what can I do with it?  I was thinking of drag and drop for the desktop folders but not sure about the iLife app's.  My iBook had iLife 4 loaded but the Powerbook is running iLife 6, so the iPhoto and iTunes look a little different.  Actually, I think I have been updating the iTunes app as the updates came thru, maybe up to iTunes 9...

     So I am not sure what to do now, in order to move all my data from the iBook backup to the 'new' Powerbook.  The OSX 10.4.11 matches on both laptops except for the updated iLife app's, and I do not want to lose these updated app's.  Is it possible to replace maybe some app's, like Safari, and just drag and drop some folders, like all the Desktop folders.  I don't want to just ram the data over, and then find I've lost the use of the Powerbook altogether.  Should I partition the Powerbook drive and move the old stuff over, then try to run it?  Or.....?  The user manuals are not too useful for these issues, but this community is the place to bring one's questions.

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    The way I would do it would be to transfer an example of each type of file (photos, iTunes, documents) to the G4 Powerbook. Try to open these with the newer applications and see what happens. If not compatible you should get some kind of message. Most programs have some latitude for older files created in prior versions.

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    I'll give that a try, although I am not sure how deep I should go into the photo and music app's for the files.  I did read in related posts about losing background data on music files.  Is it possible to pull out the "old" bookmarks from Safari and plug them into the current Safari running on the Powerbook?   I will try the drag and drop for the desktop folders, though, and let you know.  Thanks again!

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    hey dalstgott:

         Well, an update: the desktop folders moved very easily while my photos took a bit more work.  I was able to move most of them by opening iPhoto and clicking File>Import to Library... and then selecting each album from the outboard drive.  I did have to move a few manually as the auto move failed.  Looking at the data behind each photo showed that time and dat stamp plus exposure info did move.  There were at least two folders associated with each album that I couldn't move, nor could I open them...guess I didn't need them.  

         Now I'll try with iTunes, although along with the iTunes Music files themselves (mp3's I think) but there are eleven other files like: Album Artwork,  iTunes Library, iTunes Library Extras.itdb, @2011-05-20t22;02;46.itdb, Mobile Applications; Previous iTunes Libraries.  I tried to copy the list but couldn't do a screenshot of the list.  I'm afraid that there is some data in the other files that may be needed to play the mp3's but I'll give the move a try and see what happens.    Will update soon.....

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         Another update: the move of my music files was not too difficult but more manual than automatic.  The music files themselves came over OK but I had to set up the folders again.  The important thing I want to try to move now is the Safari application itself, especially my bookmark records. 

         Is it possible to delete the entire Safari out of the Powerbook and replace it with the Safari app on the portable drive?  Both app's are at the same level of update: V. 4.1.3, but is everything that Safari needs to run contained within the app file?  Or are there Library or other such files store elsewhere that ned to move too?  Safari is pretty basic to my use of the laptop so I don't want to mess it up!

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    Safari should be easy easy. Go to Safari / file menu / Export Bookmarks / and save to desktop or other place. The saved file can be copied to the desktop of the newer computer and accessed through Safari / File menu / Import Bookmarks. You may have to rearrange the foders to your liking. Since the exported bookmarks are like a webpage .html it makes no difference as to version of Safari. I regularly copy my bookmarks this way across several Macs with different versions of OS X  and a PC with Safari for Windows.


    It sounds like you have it under control.

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    Gotta say that was an interesting activity!  There was one twist to what I had to do: I don't have the original computer, I have its memory on a Flexdrive.  So I couldn't Export Bookmarks to anyplace.  I tried making a copy and archiving the old Safari but to no avail: when I would try opening the old app, it opened the new one with no bookmarks.

         Then I remembered that I had seen Bookmarks.plst in one of the files, so I tried Import>bookmarks.plst and it worked!  As you said, there was some tidying up to do but I saved most of the research I was doing, at least up to my last backup a few months ago.

         Lesson learned: backup, backup, BACKUP!!  And I have a little drive for each important computer in the house, so shame on me!  Thanks so much for your help, and best wishes for the New Year!     bob.c