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All my purchased music on my iPad is not availble on my iPhone5 (using same ID). It is not in my itunes "purchased". Where/How can I get my music from my iPad to my iPhone?



iPhone 5
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    Did you purchased the music for iTunes Store?

    You can sync music via iTunes. (Did you transferred purchases to computer iTunes?)

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    Assuming both devices are linked to the same Apple ID go to the iTunes store app on the iPhone, tap More, the Purchased, then Music, then "Not on this iPhone". Or connect the iPad to your computer, then choose "Transfer Purchases" from the iTunes File menu. Then connect the iPhone to the same computer and sync it.

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    Hi Jess,

    There is another way...

    plug your iPad into your computer and open up iTunes

    Click on this iPad and then in the bottom right click sync


    This should sync the music from your iPad to your laptop, computer


    then plug your iphone 5 in and click iphone in top right corner

    then click music and then sync


    This will sync the music that you put from your ipad to your computer now to your iphone!


    Hope This Helped!



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