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Talking to one of my friends on computer games he recommended me to use a specific program to download games on my laptop (he had used this program numerous times to download games without problem). I trusted his advise and tried to download a game onto my laptop. After the download (before I had even opened the game) my computer began to lag frequently when not even on the internet. I immediately deleted the program as well as the game and ran my antivirus program, which found nothing. My computer still lags and becomes significantly worse when I try and type, which makes writing papers for my classes difficult. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

MacBook Pro (13-inch Late 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    Start from your recovery system. OS X Lion or OS X Mountain Lion includes a built in set of utilities in the Recovery System. Restart your Mac and hold down the Command key and the R key (Command-R), and keep holding them until the Apple icon appears, indicating that your Mac is starting up. After the Recovery System is finished starting up, you should see a desktop with a OS X menu bar and a "Mac OS X Utilities" application window. Note: If you see a login window or your own desktop and icons, it is possible that you didn't hold Command-R early enough. Restart and try again.

    When your computer finishes starting up, choose Disk Utility from the Utilities window.

    Click the First Aid tab. Click the disclosure triangle to the left of the hard drive icon to display the names of your hard disk volumes and partitions.

    Select your OS X volume.

    Click Repair, not Repair Prermissions. Disk Utility checks and repairs the disk.



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    Also, what anti-virus program are you running?

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    What is this program that your friend recommended?