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hi budy

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1
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    Error 1015 means you've previously hacked the phone (jailbreaking, downgrading iOS, unauthorized unlocking, etc.) and can't be discussed in this forum.  Try Google.

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    1015 error indicates that the phone has been previously jailbroken, so there is probably nothing that you can do. You might now have an unusuable brick.

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    As per the Apple article TS3694,





    Error 1015: This error is typically caused by attempts to downgrade the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch's software. This can occur when you attempt to restore using an older .ipsw file. Downgrading to a previous version is not supported. To resolve this issue, attempt to restore with the latest iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch software available from Apple. This error can also occur when an unauthorized modification of the iOS has occurred and you are now trying to restore to an authorized, default state.


    So, If you're trying to jailbreak, don't, and if you can't get it back to its original state, then consider other options.