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When ripping compilation CD's they used to go into the compilations section of iTunes, but they've stopped doing it. Even if I check CD info before ripping and make sure "part of compilation" is checked. I have changed the CD info for Album artist to various artists, but I'm sure I did this before and they still went into compilations. Now they are going in various artists. However, if I locate the iTunes folder in the iTunes media file in finder the 'new' compilations have gone into the compilations folder. Why are they not showing in the compilations in iTunes and how do I get them there?


If I delete the album from iTunes and send the files to the trash, if I re-insert the CD it's still remembered the changes I made before, even if I've emptied trash. How do I make iTunes 'forget' the CD completely?



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    Not to worry, I've figured it out. When re-ripping if it I click get track names it puts everything back to the original info, and then if I don't change the album artist to various artists it goes into compilations

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    OK so I thought I'd sussed it. It worked for the first compilation CD I've tried but just ripped another (disc 2 of the same compilation) and it's gone into various artists again even though I've not changed any details before ripping. I did check that it said part of a compilation though, which it did.


    Any ideas why this is happening? Once it's ripped in iTunes is there any way of changing the album info so that it appears in compilations? I've tried changing artist and album artists, deleting artists and album artists, checked the box saying art of a compilation but it doesn't move it.


    It's very confusing, all the info appears exactly the same as those that go into compilations

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    You need to set the Album Artist to Various Artists. This will leave the individual Artist values by track in tact. This excellent article explains in more depth




    This article is also very good


    http://www.ilounge.com/index.php/articles/comments/the-complete-guide-to-album-t agging-art-and-playlists-in-itunes/

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    Thanks, I tried all this but it didn't help. However, I found that if I quit iTunes and restarted it they went into compilations, why didn't I think of this before


    I also imported the whole disc as 1 track as it's gapless music but on my iPod it can't play gaplessly. When I ripped each CD in this way (there are 3 CD's in this particualr compilation) and created one album out of these 3 'new' tracks they went into various artists again, and I tried everything I had before but to o avail. However, through trial and error I figured out that to go into a compilation each track artist needs to be different (can't just be various for example). I labelled the track artist as Disc 1, Disc 2, and Disc 3 and low and behold they moved to compilations. What a faff lol