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Hi everybody, I recently had a problem with the 3G connection of my iPad 2.

The connection suddenly stopped working, and I found out it was due to the SIM card credit gone to zero. I investigated a bit and found (thanks to a traffic monitoring app) that the iCloud Sync Service frequently connects using the 3G connection, therefore consuming the data traffic credit.

This happens even if the iPad is under wireless coverage.

Do you know why this Sync Services seems to only use the 3G connection? Is there any way to make it work via wifi when such a connection is available?

Thank you in advance.


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    No iCloud back up start only when you connected to WiFi

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    Thank you for your reply, but iCloud backup is inactive (nor I have ever activated it).

    I guess it is the continous sync (contacts, calendar, photos) that uses the 3G network.

    Still, I don't understand why it shouldn't use the wifi connection when available.


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    when icloud was initially created, sync only worked over wi fi. Reason - back then it was hard for cellular to keep secure connection long enough to authenticate to server and stay connected with secure link for about 1to 2 minutes, Icloud default sync time is not immediate, and the delay is very helpful sometimes( hopefully you will never find out why). Anyway's, it has been a while since and now my cellular is faster then my isp at home. So icloud works. In my case when connected to wi fi or cellular (with exception of back up, photostream). Why you device prefers cellular we can only guess, but just for that purpose I turn off my cellular data as soon as connected to wi fi. My plan is too small. Wifi is practically unlimited. By the way actual icloud sync is transfer of very small files. your contact, calendars and reminders all together may all fit in one megabyte a month.