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I'm able to find my IPhone ,but not my IPad. I've spoken to Apple Support to resolve it, with no success. We've tried everything. I really don't want my son taking the IPad anywhere without being able to locate it if lost/stolen. The only difference we discovered was the time/date setting on the IPad isn't able to set time zone automatically. The swirl keeps going around and never sets it. On my IPhone, while at home it sets it with no problem. Please help.....quite frustrated.

iPad 2, iOS 6
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    Have you tried a reboot?


    Reboot the device.



    1. Shut down the device by holding the sleep/wake button  and the home button at the same time.
    2. Hold them both until you see the screen go black. In some cases, you may need to keep holding them even after the red power off slider appears. If it does, just keep holding it.
    3. Wait until the white Apple logo appears.
    4. When this happens, you can let go - the iPad is rebooting.
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    Yes, I did the reboot and it is still telling me it could not determine this IPad's location. There is a green dot next to it telling me it's online. I also tried locating my Mac and it does the same thing. It is able to locate my Iphone however. When I play a sound I am able to hear the sound. Not sure what it could be. Apple rep told me my last resort was to call AT&T and have them change the settings on my UVERSE router. They told me that should have nothing to do with it and were of no help. Any other suggestions?

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    Make sure your Device connect to Internet. Unable the location service. Open Setting>iCloud>turn on find iPhone.