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Hello Everyone,


Does anybody (including someone bright enough working for Apple), have an answer as to why and a solution to allow us folkes to sync podcasts downloaded through iTunes onto our iPhones?


I have selected a number of podcasts for iTunes to sync to my phone but it simply won't sync all of them. It chooses for me which ones it will sync. I.e., I have chosen 10 of them but only 3 of them transfered over.


You can see in the top bar of iTunes the process happening and at which point it stops syncing. I have tried to sync ALL of the podcasts (as some threads suggest), but this doesn't work either.


Whilst (Apple) are thinking about this, perhaps they can also look at why the podcast 'folder' appears to be left behind in the iphone when removing all podcasts from it. It seems like the PODCAST APP is very very poor in comparison to other Apple applications. Shame on Apple.


Thank you

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.2