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Service was completed by a local rep. for Apple Care. Replaement of the hard drive results for the Segate failures, and use related tothe Segate Exsternal hard drives when used found to opperate the system even when ejected, or would refuse to eject. Found at time would have to be physicaly disconnected to turn off the computer?


New HD still took on a question how setting worked, associated to what was selected in preferances. As in Disable automatic login, (Security & Privacy) (General) results after restart, showed the log in window even when the box was not checked? Login at this time of white screen, spinning wheel would alow Mac access with any numbers of key strocks durring restart before the login window appeared. Then allowed access with no Login window! This no longer is the issue.


This was changed by reserting, deselecting, and restarting the computer. Mac Mt. Lion. I have now a secure pass word access, now?


Watch the setting results, and access you can not see, associated to permissions.

Aperture 3, Mac OS X (10.6.8)