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I have had my ipod classic (160gb) since 2007 and it has never let me down.

I normally have it plugged into my car 90% of the time with just an AUX cable but recently while listening to it as i drive it just keeps pausing.

It is as though the cable is getting pulled out of the plug. but then when i do physically pull the cable out it just keeps playing the music and doesnt pause.

Does anybody have any suggestions?



iPod classic, iOS 6.0.2
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    the fiend Level 5 Level 5 (7,375 points)

    Is the cable damaged? If it is, then perhaps the connection in the cable is being disconnected and that makes the iPod think the plug have been removed from it.


    Check the entire length of the cable, especially if it routes through anything that moves, such as the glove box lid.

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    I have tried multiple cables and it still happens.

    Plus there is the issue of when I pull the cable out it doesn't pause

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    I've looked around myself for answers to this same problem. Bigger issue is I have a NEW iPod Nano that does the same thing, if the jack that goes inside the Nano slightly moves it Pauses. I've had the iPod new out of the package for 3-weeks now, it's starting to increase in how frequent it pauses. Might just give Apple a ring at this point, will relay their information if any.