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My Macbook turns on and the mouse can move around but the mouse click does not work?? Any ideas to fix this?? Sometimes the icons on the bottom don't enlarge when I run my mouse over them and the top left stuff works although slowly and randomly but only using the return key and the mouse still won't click.

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    I should add I am talking about the laptop mouse pad not an external mouse thanks.

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    I had this same problem.  My trackpad and usb mouse both would not click.  However, both my trackpad and usb mouse would right-click.


    The problem was my magic mouse in being depressed in my backpack.  I hope this helps!

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    Thank you very much, Monkey Chow, I had this problem, and your aswer solved my question ! This was of great help ! I was already wondering about giving my my for repair. Of course the technician would have found a mac perfectly working!


    Many many thanks !