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I downloaded 219 pictures from my camera last night. I even uploaded some of them on fb and then deleted them from my camera. Everything seemed normal.

Today i wanted to upload some more pictures and I cant find them on my iPhoto. What should I do? My previous pictures are still there...

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Go to your iPhoto Library, probably in your Pictures folder.


    Click once on it and select Get Info. It should show a modification date of "last night" if you loaded pictures into it from your camera last night.


    If it does, then control-click ONCE on the iPhoto Library and select Show Package Contents. Be careful from this point on not to move or change any of the folders or files in there, you're just looking.


    Look for a folder called Masters (or on older versions of iPhoto it might be called Originals). What is the modification date on the Masters folder? Does it match the date/time you think you loaded pictures in from your camera.


    Now open the Masters folder. Open the folder called 2013. Open the folder called 01. That 01 folder is for photos from January 2013. Now look for a folder whose name is the date in January (e.g., January 22 would be in a folder called 22) that you loaded photos. Keep on opening sub folders inside that date until you see the jpg files. There should be 219 of them together if they actually got into iPhoto.


    Now close all the folders without moving files around.


    If the jpgs from that date are not there, then iPhoto doesn't have them. I'd open iPhoto again and check the iPhoto trash, or your finder trash as well.


    If the jpgs are there but you can't see them in the iPhoto program when it's running, then you probably need to rebuild your iPhoto Library. It means that the iPhoto program was closed irregularly and that caused it to lose track of the photos, even if they are physically there.  There are several ways to restore those photos if this turns out to be case, including copying (not moving) them to the desktop and then re-importing them from iPhoto. But first I would rebuild the iPhoto Library.


    To do that, first make a copy of the iPhoto Library in case something goes wrong with the rebuild. Then hold down the option and command keys while opening iPhoto. I would check all the boxes and have it rebuild everything, which can take hours if you have tens of thousands of photos.


    If you still can't see those photos in iPhoto after rebuilding the Library this way, I would rebuild the Library using a different method in a program called iPhoto Library Manager which you can download. That should restore the photos.


    Also, you can actually copy (e.g. duplicate) those jpgs (not move them) from the folder above to the desktop and re-import them. But I'd rebuild the Library first and see if they come back.


    Before doing anything complicated, however, check two things:


    * When iPhoto is open, under View select Sort Events and select By Date. Do the photos come back now?

    * Check that your camera has the correct date/time. If it doesn't the photos won't be obviously seen when things are sorted by date as the date will be wrong.

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    Are they in Last import?


    a best practice to is to never have any computer program (including iPhoto) delete the photos from the card but to import the photos and keep them and then after at least one successful backup cycle has completed and then reformat the card --  I use three very large (32 GB) cards in rotation so I do not reformat for typically a year or more giving me one more long term backup of my photos