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I have a couple of mail related problems; I have recently started using an iPhone 5 and have set up three mail accounts.


Firstly, there seems to be a limit of emails kept on my iPhone split between the three accounts – I have recently changed settings such as 'show 1,000 messages' and 'no limit' on keeping emails. This doesn't seem to have made a difference (and the last option was only available for one of my accounts).


Secondly, I logged into two accounts (both different) on external webmail (online, not on my iPhone) and I have 23 emails on one server and 18 on the other. I have had these accounts for years and easily had thousands of emails on the server, so I am quite worried that they have gone permanantly.


I haven't selected to delete any from my iPhone, these messages have just vanished. The last emails for these accounts on the server and on my iPhone are the same, so it really does seem like my iPhone has caused this…



iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.2