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    yea i agree its definately not 30hrs...**** i actually forgot it was supose to be 30hrs im currently getting bout 15hrs if that much. im going to do another full power battery drain this weekend and see EXACTLY how long this last... and post it back on here.

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    **UPDATE** well i finished my battery test on the ipod nano 7th gen (yellow) b4 i show results i charged my phone w/ iphone 5 ac charger...here it goes, i kept ipod running and checked periodically to make sure it was still on...here it goes. Test start at 10:40 pm (CST) Sat ended at 3:52 am sun...i powered ipod off to go to sleep...resumed test at 3:28 mon pm ended at 5:31pm mon...battery finally died. Thats a total of : 31hrs 15m! Guess i was wrong Apple specs were right. All i can recommend is let batter totally die out then charge back up and dont trust battery indicator do a test like i did to see actually how much battery time your getting.

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    This case is closed then.

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    Ok, really!? Who in H E double hockey sticks lets their ipod sit without changing songs or using other functions in 30 plus hours??? I just turned in my new 7th gen nano to the apple store yesterday because I got about 10 or so hours out of it and this brand new I repeat BRAND NEW one I got has about 1/3 battery life left on it after playing radio for almost 5 hours? Okay where is that close to 30 hours I ask? As far as this link beings closed I need to let others know that this ipod really stinks with its battery life and as far as an update goes I don't think its possible to do an update to extend battery life AT ALL! Please let me know if I'm incorrect on this assumption because I'm almost ready to sell it on ebay because of this BS battery life.

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    You can take your double hockey sticks and shove em up your goalie post. What i did works for me you do what works for you, like go and read a book, you fustrated idiot!!!

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    Why you take this link so personal sounds like you have more issues than just ipods! It's also not about you *** clown, it's about your stupid test that proves nothing because no one I know would just let an ipod sit without using the functions on it! Why in **** do they have fast forward, reverse ,pause, double click to move into next song and others on it to not be used? It also sounds like your an employee of apple with your test of letting an ipod just sit running without using it at all! (again who does that?)  As for ipods there are a lot of people out there that have this same problem and if apple does nothing about it that just shows that they're not being responsible and will lose a lot more customers if this situation doesn't get fixed. Its real simple...

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    I bought a G7 after crushing my G6 in my car door - very disappointed.  The first one was dying (and dying completely) after 2 hours or less even after a reset (it actually got worse).  I exchanged it.  Tried my new one today and after just an hour half the battery's gone :-(  I'm having to use an adaptor to play it in my car because, so far, no-one makes an FM player with the new connection.  Think I may resert to ebay to buy a G6.

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    you the idiot that made it about me clown nd you cleary have waaaaaaay more issues going besides a dam ipod! who would really allow that to get to them. take it back, refund or call Dr. Phil idiot. And who uses a ipod for 30 straight hrs, hun. GET A LIFE!  i have betta things to do wit my time than replying to you. this my last reply to you, because obviously your not dealing with a full deck. Trade in the ipod for some Protzac!

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    Hey, guys, any of you want to update your nano battery life experiencie, I'm going to restore it because I'm getting less than 10 hours of music play back I dont even use bluetooth or play video.  I think this has to be solved by Apple. Can you say what you did in the end? Take it to Apple? or just accept it and charge it every two days? I would like to know if any of you solved it some way. Thanks.

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    Minchezg - I exchanged the first one and returned the second one for a full refund (the battery life was 3 hours of music only in the car even after letting it completely run down and resetting it!).  When I phoned Apple they finally admitted there's a battery problem with the 7th generation iPods.  Will not buy another until the problem is sorted.

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    Thank you Anita for sharing that news! I had/have the same exact experience with returning mine and the battery still is bad. Some people have good experiences with their ipods battery life and others (like on amazon reviews) still express negative reviews but give their opinion 5 stars on ipods anyways. I hope in the near future they will recall them and fix this problem.

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    Well, at least they admitted there's a problem. Using the bluetooth really drains the battery in a dramatic way. So I only use it for music and radio. I turn down the volume and screen brightness and this seems to extend the battery life. But still it's less than 15 hours (half of what they advertise). However, I've noticed that when I charge the device, it takes the nano only 2 hours to show the fully charged indicator (little power plug icon) despite Apple saying it takes 3 hours to charge it complete, so sometimes I let it charge for another hour but this seems to make any difference so I'm thinking the little battery is not able to store the amount of charge it's supposed to or the battery level is not calculated correctly and maybe it thinks it's fully charged and blocks any more charging to protect itself. Is that even possible?  Anyway, I hope they solve this some day. Thanks and Greetings fellow ipod nano users.

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    I was wondering if I had just gotten a bad device.  Sounds like this is a fairly common problem.  I've had mine for a about a week and after a full charge I only get about 2 hours of battery life using the Nike fitness app.  I also get the wild flucuations on the battery indicator.  Too bad because I do like the functionality.

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    I have to recharge mine daily...  3-4 house of listening only, no videos or radio use.  I got mine at Christmas, my son has no problem. I am going to try the reset now....  Completely Annoyed. I get days out of my old shuffle.

    Disappointed in Sunrise


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    I must admit, I found this discussion ecaxtly because my NEW ipod battery life was really bad. This was purchased to replace a 5th gen that lived in my car to provide music there (2007 VW GTI if that matters). The 5th gen would have to be charged about every 4th day the way I used it. My 5th gen was stolen by some lowlife that I hope chokes to death, and I bought this. The 7th gen does not even last through a full day of exactly the same kind of intermittent use that the 5th gen held up for 3 full days. The bluetooth is off (actually was never on because it lives in my car as noted and there was never a need). likewise the screen brightness is all the way down, since the iPod is controlled by the VW radio. Like a lot of people here, I am dismayed by the very short life. Tried the reset and recalibrate procedure suggested by several discussion threads. Failing any fix, I'll have to search for another 5th gen; that just worked way too well.

    Any help would be really great.