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No responses to my last question and I'm completley stymied.


I bought a usb into a wall plug adaptor to charge my shuffle when traveling. A person at the store tested the adaptor with their iphone so the adaptor works.


I plug in the shuffle into the adptor at home and no light comes on on the shuffle (orange or green), like when its plugged into my computer usb.



Can the shuffle be charged in any usb into wall plug adaptor ???


Or do I have to spend the $39 dollars at the Apple store?


Thanks if anyone is there.


This is what I have...


http://www.tmart.com/USB-Power-Adapter-Charger-for-iPod-iPhone_p116379.html?gcli d=CP-pkt_3gbUCFVCd4AodF04Azg&utm_campaign=product&utm_medium=organic&utm_source= base&fixed_price=us_ushttp://

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