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I have an Airport Extreme from about 2009 and cannot get it to work in my new home by connecting the phone line to it through my adsl filter. But my old Netgear router (wired) does work.


Can I connect the Airport Extreme (to give me wireles connectivity throughout the house) to the Netgear router (which is connected to my main computer by an ethernet cable)? If yes, how exactly would that be done?


Thanks in advance.

Airport Extreme, Mac OS X (10.7.5), Netgear DG834 router
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    The Airport Express doesn't contain a Modem so can never be used in that way, but you are quite correct you can still use it to set up wireless access - in fact thats exactly my configuration - I only use AirPorts for the wireless connections.


    Just connect an ethernet cable from a LAN port on the NetGear modem to the AX and you're off.


    Configure the AX to use DHCP from the Modem, under the Internet tab select Ethernet in the Internet connection tab and under the TCP/IP tab select DHCP and under the Airport Tab - Wireless tab select Create a Wireless Network.




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    Thanks! I just switched the ethernet cable, so that it connected the Airport Extreme to the Netgear router, rather than my computer to the Netgear router. It works perfectly.



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    A direct connection (if it's in range) is still preferable for the best speed - but if you need to roam that's the way to go.


    I get 70Mbps via ethernet but only 35Mbps via wireless. If your ADSl speed is slow (2Mbps say) then it won't make a whole lot of different and the convenience may outweigh the gain.


    Try speed tests on both setups just to see if you are losing anything.