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First, sorry for my english i'm french etc etc THAT'S WHY I suck


Here's the problem. Today my new ipod classic 160gb - I bought 2 weeks ago - fell on the ground, 50 centimeters high.


Not a big fall but since, a lot of tracks can't be played.


So, I've checked my SMART DATA report in the hidden menu :


Retracts : 2

Reallocs : 16

Pending Sectors : 192

PowerOn Hours : 12

Start/Stops : 720

Temp : Current 22c

Temp : Min 10c

Temp : Max 56c




First question, is it normal data for a very young ipod ?



Second, Before the fall, I noticed that the hardrive was often rebooting, is it normal ? I have not yet used much (720 seems to be huge).


Third, what should I do ?



Thx for reading

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