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I got an issue since yersteday with my iphone 3.

i was with iOs 4.1 and i tried to install Viber wich need a 4.3 iOs.


So i connected my phone to itunes and when he said me that there's a new update, i launched it (it was a 6.0.1 i think)

The process seems to be shut off before the end because when i went back to itunes, it was in process to restore.

I thought that maybe it's normal so i let it finish and the phone restart.


The problem is that now i can't pass the activation.

It say that's impossible for the moment, i have to do it again later or connect to iTunes to activate.

I tried with iTunes but it's not possible.


So, now i got a phone wich i can't start... What can i do now ?!?

iPhone 3G, iOS 4.1