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I had disaster strike.  I couldn't figure out how to drag and drop files from my computer to my iPod.  I have a lot of audio books, either ones I've downloaded (from both iTunes and from Barnes and Noble) and ones I have disks for and have imported into iTunes, to listen to on the iPod.  I don't want to sync ALL of the content I have in iTunes to the iPod because I also have an iPad with completely different things on it.  I just want to move ONE book at a time from the computer to the iPod, and then occasionally delete a specific book from the iPod but keep it on the computer.  That way I don't have to worry about running out of room on the iPod (Classic).


The ONLY thing I could find to copy a book from the computer was using "sync".  I said I wanted to sync one file and I did.  I looked at my iPod when I finished, and the program had ERASED everything but that book, including the Barnes and Noble purchases!  Complete DISASTER!


Now I can re-sync the books as they are all on the computer, but I do NOT want to have to do this EVERY time I get a new book!


Please, please, is there some way to ADD ONE file to the iPod any more?  I don't want to have to sync everything as I have more books than will fit on the iPod and don't want them all on it anyway.  It's insane to have to go through a rather long list and select all books I want on the device each time I want to add one new book.


I also suppose there's no way I could go back to the way it had been (I was in the middle of a book and will have to find it again) before I did this.


Please help, I'm very desperate!