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I am running Macbook Pro (Dec 2012) with Mountain Lion (most current updates) with iTunes (most current version) with iPhone 5 (most current software) with Microsoft Outlook Mac 2011.  I was syncing all my calendars fine through iTunes when one day I activated iCloud on my phone and all of a sudden the sync process got all messed up.


I reset my phone's iCloud options back to where it was also restored the phone to a earlier back-up as well as uninstalling Outlook twice. I tried ending the SYNCSERVICESAGENT and started from scratch again. I got it to a point where all the calendar items were all synced.


Then I inserted more calendar items like have been doing for years into Outlook and then synced my phone.  At this point iTunes started the sync process with no problem but when it gets to the sync calendar portion it gets hung up there.  It says it is working so I left it for hours and it stayed the same with no change to the iTunes sync process.


I don't want to have to switch back to a PC for this problem.  I know it may seem trivial to some but with the busy schedule that I have along with 3 kid's schedule's it's a huge issue.


Please if someone can help I would GREATLY appreciate it.


Thank You



iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.1