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Looking for the optimum way to organize photos and home videos. Goal is to have all devices have equal access to all the media. Just as important is for this to be as easy as possible to maintain and use.


Have an iMac with iTunes and iPhoto

Have multiple iOS devices with different family members each of whom take photos and videos with their devices

Have multiple Apple TVs

iMac will be the hub with wifi synching

Right now about 30,000 files probably 1000 are videos (and growing)

I don't do any editing of photos or videos


Current set up is through iPhoto. I am importing all images not using the reference option. This worked fine until we started taking more videos which made for a large 200gb iPhoto library which barely loads even with 16gb ram.


I want to use iPhoto not iTunes because I keep everything organized by event, that includes photos and videos. And I don't want 2 separate organizing options to keep track of.


Most of my library is also available outside of iPhoto, I have a back up so I could use the reference feature of iPhoto which would mean a smaller library. However we use photostream on all iOS devices which has the feature that automatically imports into iPhoto. So I don't have to worry about those photos - it's easy. But then i would have some media copied into the library and some referenced. This doesn't work for videos so I will need to copy them.


I have a copy of iPhoto library manager software which could solve the excessive library size. That's cumbersome because I have to sync the correct library with the iOS devices and also make sure photostream is In the right library. I have only used this software a little so I could be wrong about this solution.


I appreciate any ideas that might work. Of course let me know if I am missing something, I am sure I am.


Would Aperture be a better solution? Some other software?

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), All current iOS devices
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    1 - do not change to a referenced library with iPhoto - it has many problems and should not be done - if you switch to Aperture it is ok - Aperture handles referenced libraries fine


    2 - iPhoto does not load your entire library and while 200 GB is large it is not giant and is not causing you an problems - if you ave problems please describe them and  will try to help with thme -it is not libary size - My library is 263 GB and I have 8GB of RAM and there are no issues


    3 - not sure what your constraints are but for me having all IOS devices logged into iCoud using the same Apple ID work best - the downside is that we all see the same things - which is our desire and I think yours



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    I was making some calendars and iphoto would not not load events, froze and crashed. Quite a struggle to finish the calendars


    Yes, using the same Apple ID for all iOS devices

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    Back up your iPhoto library, Depress and hold the option (alt) and command keys and launch iPhoto - rebuild your iPhoto library