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does anyone know if iMovie 5.0.6 will run on an iMac G3?? Or 6.0 even??? Appreciate any feedback. How high can the G3 be updated? If it can be updated, where would I find the updates? Thanks, pv

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    iMovie 5 - minimum G3 400MHz or better (last is 5.0.2)




    iMovie HD6 - SORRY - NO - Minimum is G4- (733MHz) or G5-processor !

    Updates and Upgades
    • To get from one version to next e.g. iMovie 4 to 5 one must buy a secondhanded iLife 5 box / DVD
    • to up-date within a version no: e.g. from 5.0.0 to 5.0.2 - should be free and found somewhere in Apple download archive (or better said - I don't know)
    iMovie History 1 - 6


    Movie 1 (oct 1999)
    • free to download from Apple.

    • A gigantic step to open up Non-destructive Non-linear video editing possibly for everyone.
    • FULL Video Quality from start - same engine as FinalCut Pro (QT)

    iMovie 2 (july 2000) $50 - not free any more
    • Shelf can hold more than 9 to 12 clips. Scroll-ably
    • Zoom in/out on TimeLine
    • Fast/Slow-mo slider
    • Reverse a Clip
    • Create a Still Clip
    • Text size change - better
    • TV-safe area
    • Overlaying video - audio cont. & new video
    • Lock audio to video clip
    • Extract Audio

    iMovie 3 (jan 2003)

    • Chapter markers
    • The most bug rich iMovie ever ?


    iMovie 4 (jan 2004)


    iMovie HD (5) (5.0.2) (jan 2005)
    • can import HD
    • Magic Movie introduced
    • imports from MPEG-4 Cameras
    • Audio wave-forms visibly on track 2 and 3 (not on video track)
    • Needs Mac OS X.3.4 and QT 6.5.2 (included)


    iMovie HD6 (6.0.3 or 6.0.4) (last one is iM'08 owner down-load-ably - and I think better) (jan 2006)

    • BEST iMovie made EVER !

    • Can open several projects in parallel and cut and paste between them (up to 10)
    • Time-laps importing
    • Audio tools - much better
    • Mac OS X.4.4 for full functions - else runs on Mac OS X.3.9
    • Apple designed Movie Themes
    • iPod and web publishing with one to just a few steps
    • QT 7.0.4 included
    • full size preview

    BUG - rep. all versions 1 to HD6. (iM’08 & 09 & 11 - unknown)

    1. Do not Empty the Trash Basket in iMovie any version -

    • Strange errors occurs and varies reg. version of iMovie

    • The eventual gain in doing so - is not correct - it can’t trash movies if even just one frame is used in the TimeLine. So the figure given doesn’t reflect the eventual retrieved memory space at all.

    So Just forget it. - Most safe way to work.


    Emptying the Trash Basket on DeskTop/Finder - IS OK to do.


    2. Audio problems when using a transition.


    • Start to select video-clip before and after the place for the transition

    • Extract Audio (from Advance menu)

    • Now apply transition

    • Eventual fine tuning of the ends of the  extracted audio clips


    3. ”Share to iDVD” forces iMovie to render movie - and for miniDV interlaced tape material - BADLY in till day known all iMovie versions ! - Just drop movie icon into iDVD project or import from within iDVD gives a much better result.


    4. iMovie behaves strangely when free space on boot hard disk is <1.5Gb, slow under 5Gb

    and stable over 10-25Gb. I never go less than 25GB


    Yours Bengt W