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i have to send out a newsletter and the test that came to my phone had the date AUTOCOMPLETING as an active link as an entry in my Calendar with the correct date but the address was my HOME ADDRESS.


so - even though the newsletter is announcing an event across town - and even though i have no link in the original text/campaign - somehow my iphone is making this date autocomplete.


i have not seen this on my laptop or desktop but i have no idea if this is an IOS 6, Calendar, Mail or some other issue.


can anyone help me figure out how to search for this or fix it?


if it is not likely to be solved for all devices i think i am just going to put a link on the date to some website that is pertinent and which has the dates rather than allow it to autocomplete willy nilly like this.


also, i would like to fix this on my own phone since i have seen this before and find it sort of annoying.



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