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Hi, I have an iPhone 4 with Rogers in Canada and I was wondering if I will be charged for updating the stock iOS weather app over 3G data  I do not have a data plan but sometimes I turn on 3G to receive MMS text messages. Today when I was waiting for the bus, I had 3G on and out of habit, I pulled down the notification centre and saw that the weather widget was updated. I am well aware of a notification that was sent by text message regarding the purchase of a data pass but I had disregarded it because I thought they cannot charge you unless you agree to pay for the data (not roaming of course). I don't want to be charged extra for this but if I do, approximately how much data was used (i.e. in MB)?


Please note: I have contacted Rogers support and was not given much help except for "wait for your next invoice". Also I am on the latest update (iOS 6.0.1).


Please advise.

iPhone 4 (8GB), iOS 6.0.1